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                                    The Purr-fect Body Treatment

“Oh come on Greg!” Jenny said pulling her friend into this spa, “Why are you so nervous?”

He gave her a look and said, “Because the last time we did something together, you tried to turn me into a cat girl!  Isn’t that enough of a reason to be nervous when you offer to do something with me Jenny?”

Ever since the situation in the costume store a while back, Greg had been distrusting of Jenny’s motives for taking him different places.  She had previously wanted to change Greg into a cat girl at the store and hoped as soon as he changed, he never would want to return to being a boy.  Unfortunately, he didn’t response well to her plan and she was forced to abandon it soon after she had changed him.  She did swear she would get back at him and that kept him weary of her.

The following day after swearing her revenge, she came up to him and told him she had given up on revenge and that she wanted to bury the hatchet by treating him to a few places in their town.  She seemed sincere about it, but Greg had a funny feeling she still hadn’t given up yet.

“Don’t be paranoid!” Jenny said to him as she pulled him up to the counter of the spa, “This is nothing more than a simple spa treatment for the two of us.”

‘Probably not,’ Greg thought to himself.

A girl, around 18 or so, emerged from the back room that was behind the counter.  She held a towel and had her attention on a younger teen that was at the counter as well.  “Here’s your towel Michael,” she said to him.

Before handing him the towel, she noticed Greg and Jenny and averted her attention on the two of them.  “How may I help you two?” she said in a cheerful mood.

“My name is Jenny Granger,” she said to the lady, “I called in earlier for a special spa treatment for my friend Greg (She nudged him to show the girl who she was referring to) and the usual treatment for me.”  His heart jumped a second.  What did she mean by ‘special?’

The girl quickly glanced at the appointment book behind the counter and quickly looked back up as well. She pointed to the hallway to the left and said in a giddy way, “Oh yes!  Your appointments are that way!  I hope you enjoy your special treatment Greg!”

Greg became nervous and said to Jenny, “Wait a minute!  What does she mean by special treatment?!  What did you order Jenny?”

She smiled and grabbed a hold of his arm tightly.  “You’ll see!” she said as she pulled him into the left hallway.

He tried to pull away from her, but she resisted and kept hold of his arm.  She was very strong for a girl.  They soon came into up to a door that said on it, ‘Body Treatment.”  She opened the door, while holding a tight grip on Greg, and headed into the room.

The room looked strangely like the lobby of the spa itself.  The only real difference was that were two doors located behind the counter where another girl stood.  She had a slim petite body and had red hair.  She looked at the two of them and smiled gleefully.  “Hey Jenny!” the girl said, “Back again for the usual treatment?  Oh!  Who is that there?”

“Hey Amber,” Jenny said to her, “This is my friend Greg!  I signed him up for one of the special treatments you have here!”

“That’s cool,” Amber said with a blush, “What type of treatment is he going to have?”

“A number 4,” Jenny said, “The Purr-fect Body Regeneration!”

“Ah!” the girl giggled as she eyed Greg mischievously, “You sure keep interesting friends.  I never thought you would have a male friend who wanted a number 4 treatment.”

“Ok!” Greg said getting far more nervous and even more annoyed, “What the hell is a number 4 treatment?!  What is going on!?”

“Oh I see now Jenny,” Amber said as if she understood everything.  She glanced at Greg again and held a playful smile on her face and she spoke seductively, “Well then, you’ll be in for a treat! You love the way everything turns out then.”

“I don’t like the sound of this!” Greg said as he turned for the door.

Jenny grabbed his arm again and tightened her grip on it.  “You can’t go anywhere yet until you experience the greatness of this treatment I got you!”

The left door behind Amber opened up and a different girl stepped out.  She had blond hair and an average size figure.   “So,” the girl said to Amber, “Is the person for the number 4 treatment here yet?”

“Ah yes Penny,” Amber said happily, and then she pointed towards Greg, “There he is!”

“Hmm…” Penny said as she moved over to Greg and scanned him from top to bottom, “This is a bit rare for me.  I never see too many guys wanting this treatment.  Girls seem to enjoy it much more, but I digress.  Are you ready for some fun?”

“Not really,” Greg said nervously.

“That’s what all newcomers say when they get the treatment,” Penny said taking a hold of his right hand, “Once we get started, you’ll be so happy.”

Greg was lead into the back left room with Penny leading.  He took one last look at Jenny, who politely waved goodbye to him as he disappeared into the door.

Penny led him through a hallway and into another room.  This time it looked like a regular masseuse room with a massage table in the middle of the room, a chair and stool were off to the side, a sink, and a cabinet to the left of it, which he supposed held all the massage oils and stuff.  He sighed softly and began to relax.  Everything looked pretty normal to him.  Maybe Jenny was just trying to psyche him out by being all mysterious.

“Alright then,” Penny said as she took a towel off the table and tossed it to Greg, “Please switch out of your regular clothes and into this towel please.”

“Huh?!” he said quickly.

“OH!” she blushed, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were shy!  I’ll just turn my back and look through the cabinet for everything while you switch out.”  He eyed her suspiciously, but she did like she said she would and turned to face the cabinet.  He quickly undressed and changed into the towel behind the table, just in case.

When he was done, Penny turned around and smiled.  “Now then,” she said happily, “The number 4 treatment is a bit different than most of our treatments and massages we give here at the spa.  This is because we combine different types of massages with a few special things we have here, plus a facial is also included as well.  There are a couple of phases to this, so if you would please lie down on the table, I will begin with the first phase.”

Greg nodded and promptly got up and laid down on the table.  He felt a lot more relaxed since he came here.  Maybe there was nothing to be so worried about.  Penny seemed like a nice person and didn’t look like as if she was going to do something wrong.  He felt at peace now, plus he also liked the thought of a pretty girl like her rubbing and massaging his body.

“One more thing before I begin phase one,” she said gently as she picked up a bottle behind him and squirted some ointment in her hand, “I’ll going to rub this ointment on you.  It is necessary for the treatment.”

He felt her soft hands rub against his backside as she spread the ointment around.  The gel gave his body a warm, happy feeling, allowing him to drift off into his own world.  He was unaware of his surroundings and didn’t notice that Penny had somehow removed his towel and was rubbing the ointment now on his round behind.  She slowly flip him over, spread the rest of the stuff all over his front side, and then rolled him back onto his back.  Greg still didn’t even notice then.

After she was done, she walked over to the sink and washed her hands.  The water rinsed her hands on the gel and the massive amounts of body hair that came off of him when she placed the gel on his body.  She sighed and said, “I wished guys would shave their bodies, it is always so messy when I do that for a guy.”

She then left the room and returned with a tray full of heated stones.  At this point, Greg slowly came out of his own world as the warm feeling left him.  Realizing that he would now be paying attention to her, she said, “Now I’ll begin the first phase.  For this, I’ll be using the stone massage method.  Using our “special” type of rocks from here, I’ll place them on your back.  Also, using a bit of my own technique, I will then relieve some of the tension on yourself by rubbing some of the pressure points, starting with your legs and then in your hip area.  I’ll move onto some more in the second phase.”

She set the tray down on the stool, which she brought up to the table.  She slowly began to place the stones on Greg’s back.  A warm and tender feeling was brought to him every time a stone touched his back.  He was soon back in his own world again.  As he drifted off again, his body shrunk slightly and his torso loss its muscular frame.

When she placed the last stone and she was sure he was out of it, she moved onto rubbing his legs.  Before she did, however, she took out a jar from the cabinet and rubbed some cream on her hands.  She then proceed to massage the pressure point areas and also run her hands across the back of his legs.  With each touch, he softly moaned and said, “Oh yes… that’s the ticket…”

Penny smiled and moved up to his hip area.  She removed the towel once more and carefully rubbed and massage his other points on his bottom.  When she was done, she stood up and glanced carefully at the areas she worked on.  His legs grew as long and slender as her own and his hips and butt enlarged and rounded out a like a female’s.  Unseen by her, though she knew it without telling, Greg now lacked a certain male feature around his hips.

She glanced at a clock that was in the room and then she talked to him.  “Alright now,” she said as she began to take the stones slowly off of him, “It’s time for me to move onto the second phase.  I will be using the Indian Head Massage and I will also massage some of your pressure points in your hands and arms.  For all of this, you’ll need to sit in the stool.”

Greg sighed, he enjoyed the stone massage and he wished it wasn’t over so soon.  He got up and took a seat on the stool, after she removed the tray.  He glanced at his legs for a second and then said to her, “Wait a minute, weren’t my legs shorter and not as skinny.”

She ignored the question, placed some more of her cream on her hands, and said, “Now please be still while I do this.”

She began to slowly work on his shoulders, massaging him slowly and gently.  He wanted to say more, but yet again, he relaxed and lost his train of thoughts.  Slowly with every press Penny did on his skin, his shoulders rounded and looser.  After she was satisfied with the shoulders, she moved up to the neck.

She lingered on his Adam’s apple and stroke it a couple of times.  She felt the bulge shrink away after a few strokes, so she moved onto his head after rubbing her hands in a new yellow gel.  She placed the palm of her hand on his head and did simple circles with it in certain spots on his head.  His dark brown hair grew lighter and silkier.  She then proceeded to move her palm in a c shape from his brow down to back of his neck.  As she did, his hair grew out until it dipped an inch below his shoulders.

She then moved onto massaging his pressure points in his arms and hands.  With simple strokes at his arms and hands’ points, Penny managed to make his arms skinner, his hands more delicate, and his fingernails longer.  At this point, outside of his facial features and a lack of breasts, he had the standard body of a girl’s.

“There we go,” Penny said to him/her, “We’ll now move onto the third stage which involves a little of the spa’s special massage style and the facial.  I’ll go get Amber now.  She’ll do your facial while I massage.  While I’m gone, could you get up on the table and lie on your back this time?”

“Ok,” Greg said in a delicate female’s voice.  He didn’t notice how different his voice was or how different his body was.  He was too wrapped up the sense of joy and relaxing feeling of the massage to notice.

He/she got up onto the table and laid down on her back.  Penny came back with Amber and showed her the results of the massage so far.  “Hmm…” Amber said to her, “Not bad at all.  Now we should finish the job of this before we move onto the final stage.”

“Alright,” Penny said to Greg, “Here we go!  The massage is the spa’s own personal one.  I’ll be rubbing your chest.  Meanwhile, Amber will be placing the spa’s special facial cream on your face; you’ll need to close your eyes while she does that.  We’ll tell you when everything is finished and you can wipe of the cream off of your face.”

Greg nodded and closed his eyes.  Amber took the facial cream from the cabinet and began to apply it to his face.  Penny then began to massage his/her chest area gently in certain areas softly with some more of her cream on her hands.  With each stroke, his waist shrunk and his stomach flatten.  She moved up to his chest area and rubbed all around there.  Slowly, two small bumps grew up until they reached about normal size for breasts for a girl.

While this was going on, the facial mask slowly began to affect his face.  His chin shorten, his nose grew smaller and smoothen, and his skin became smoother and cleansed of pores or acne.  Even areas that the facial mask wasn’t touching was changing.  His lips became puffier, his eyebrows became less hairy, and his eyelashes grew longer.  By the time the facial features had finished changing, he, or should I say she, was completely female.

“All done!” Amber said cheerfully to Greg after all the changes had finished, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I must attend to another person getting a facial somewhere else.  I leave everything to you Penny.”

“Ok then,” Penny smiled at Amber as she left.  Penny glanced at Greg and smiled again at the successful change.  She then said to him, “It’s time to get up to wipe off the cream!  Once you’re done, we’ll do the last part, Phase 4, in which you’ll take a quick dip in one of our mud baths in another room.”

She led Greg over the sink, where she wiped off the cream from her face.  Greg still did not notice the changes yet, but she did notice a different weight on her that was offsetting her balance.  Once she was done, Penny said, “Alright now!  Please follow me!”

Greg nodded and followed her out of the room.  She led her down a few different hallways and through some rooms.  They then came into a room with a bunch of tubs built into the floor that were filled with mud.  Penny led her over the bath at the far end of the room that had green tiling around it.

“Now,” Penny said, “Please remove your towel for this procedure and I’ll help you get in.”  Greg nodded and took off the towel, without having to look down into her now present cleavage.  Penny took her hand and help her step into the bath.

“Submerge your entire body in the mud,” Penny continued to explain, “Then bring your head above the mud and keep your eyes close.  After that, I’ll help you get out again.”

Greg took a deep breath and dipped below the mud.  After a few moments, she popped out from it and stuck her hand out.  Penny pulled her back out and had her stand in front of the bath for a few moments, keeping her eyes shut.  “Now,” she continued, “All that is left for you in this procedure is for you to stand there waiting for the mud to dry and break off.  Everything else just sort of happens.”

Greg remained motionless for a few minutes, while breathing out of the small hole where her nose was.  During the waiting process, she felt strange, as if her body was going through some sort of alternation.

Then finally there was a crack.  Penny watched closely as two large cat ears pushed out of the dry mud at the top of Greg’s head.  Another crack followed by having a large, brown, furry tail breaking through the area above her behind.  Next, two paws broke out of the area that was her feet and ten sharp claws at the top of her fingernails broke through as well.  The nose piece fell off then, revealing a cat like nose instead of a human one.

More pieces began to fall off of her.  Pieces of the mud off her body fell off and revealed a soft, luscious, brown fur underneath.  The last pieces to fall off were on her face.  When they fell, the revealed a cat like facial structure with whiskers and green cat eyes when she opened them.  All in all, she looked and was half cat and half human girl.

“Whoa,” she said as she placed her hand on her head, “That felt weird… wait a minute… what is this fuzz on my head and why does my voice sound weird.”  Finally, she began to realize that she was now completely different and had undergone a transformation.

She saw a mirror in the room and ran towards it.  She looked into it and saw the cat like face of hers staring back.  She looked down herself and saw her breasts as well.  She looked back and forth between the mirror and the chest.  She then looked back at Penny who had a smile on her face.

“I know!” she said cheerfully, unaware of Greg’s growing rage, “It turned out great, didn’t it?  A complete gender and furry change all at once and at a nice low price!  I’m sure you’re friend will be thrilled, like you!  You looked completely speechless!”
“I’m so sorry!” the girl behind the main counter of the spa said to Greg, “If we have known you didn’t want this and that your friend tricked you into this change, we would have never gone through with it.  At this spa, we never do furry and gender transformation without the complete constant of anyone!”

Greg was now at the main entrance of the spa with Jenny, who had finished her spa treatment as well.  Greg was now fully dressed in clothing the spa provided for its furry gender change customers, which included a white knee-length skirt and blue long-sleeve shirt.  She had been complaining to the girl at the front about everything for a while now, while Jenny tried to deny the accusations Greg had been saying about her.

Jenny then said to Greg, in a reasonable and polite way, “Please be reasonable!  Don’t you find this enjoyable?”

Greg exploded at her, shouting, “NO!  I DON’T FIND BEING A CAT GIRL ENJOYABLE AT ALL!”

“Easy now!” the girl behind the counter said, trying to settle Greg down, “The change will only last for 2 days.  We never make the changes here permanent in order to avoid lawsuit against us.”

Greg sighed a breath of relief.  At least he/she wouldn’t be stuck like this for a long time.  Jenny then said in a sad voice, “Awww…”

That remark renewed the anger in Greg again and she hissed and slashed Jenny’s face with her claws.  This got Jenny angry as well, so she leaped at her and started to throw jabs at her.  This went on for a while, with customers coming in and leaving the spa with weird looks on their faces as they witness the two girls going at it.

Finally, the girl behind the counter sighed and said, “Please, could you take this outside?  I don’t want to call the cops you know.”

The two girls stopped fighting and promptly left the spa to keep duking it out in the parking lot.  The girl again sighed and said, “Why does this always have to happen on my shift?”
Alright, so I didn't have part of the story show what happens after Greg leaves the spa! I hope this is still good enough!

Anyhow, that message was for someone who commented in the last story. That person knows who they are. Back on the topic of the story, I have to admit. This is my longest story I have ever written for this website. Over 7 pages, single space, and over 3,500 words (I was using Word to type this story). This should please everyone who was waiting for an official sequel to The Costume and others as well.
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Doctorwholovesthe80s Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Jeez, Jenny get it thru your thick head that Greg is not consenting to this stuff! If you want a cat-girl so bad, take the treatment yourself!
Khemikal-Mirage Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2016
I wonder what the address of this spa is...
CyberRune Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
I wonder if this spa does permenent treatments...
Benthemonky Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
remeber to avoed lawsew
CyberRune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Why would I sue them?
NekoSpirits Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would simply die if this happend to me...if it was only temporary it would be ok...but knowing jenny she'll probably do something
rekka007 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012
is there a part three cause i'd like to read more of the misadventures of Jenny and Greg. i swear though both of these two are quite stubborn and that makes me wonder who will win out in the end. beyond that though i would have liked to see Greg during his days as a cat girl once he left the spa. would he change his mind about not wanting to be a cat girl? Or would he still like being a male? Maybe Jenny would find a way to allow prro Greg to change from male to horny catgirl whenever she wished. There are so many possibilities that it really makes me hungry for more
Ferzin-the-hedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
if what jenny did to greg happened to me the first time i wouldn't trust her anymore anyway, she's pretty much selfish, changing everyone boy into a cat girl for her enjoyment, the first time it happened i would get mad too, but i'd say i'd never want to see her again or something like that.
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009
Good Job.

It reminds me of an old device I use from time to time.

I'll have to back and check out the other one ...
tomjhyde Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
Well done! I would have loved to see him surrender to the transformation, but not everyone likes being a catgirl.
apsm Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow! I don't care what Greg thinks, I want one of those treatments!
Chaosdragon123 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009
Hey, this really overlaps "The Spa" when I read it.
Gerazzi Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2009
o.o I've a friend who likes this kinda stuff
Mr-Cryuga Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Ha ha, this is great! this is a great series, keep it up! I want to see which will last longer, Jenny's determination to make him a cat girl, or his to stay a guy!
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009  Student Filmographer
not bad, seems a little dull. Our protagonist goes though al lthese changes and doesn itch, flinth or have any reaction until the real. Which isnt really well excecuted , we are told point blank "ok now this part is a girls part" simple stating "and his shoilders became more supple, rounder, smooth" would be more dynamic then "he now has round shonders like a girl which he is"
Firingwall Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
At some points it did feel a bit dull as I wrote it, but I hoped most of the transformation would make up for it. As for him not noticing the change, I wanted it that way. I wanted Greg to feel caught up in the moment and be so engulfed by the warm and pleasurable feelings he was getting from each type of massage, that he would become unaware. Plus, that cream, gel, and oil stuff that Penny was rubbing on him was meant to bring the person into a state in which he would notice anything. Think of it a spell of sorts, kind of like how that cat magician from one of your stories made everyone around the girl not notice or be aware that she was turning into a cat.
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009  Student Filmographer
technicaly The Duke of Meowchester make everyone see her as a cat, reguardless of form.

Still i think if you were turning into a girl youd have some reaction even if its not the "whats happening to me" their should be something like "i feel funny, but funny good...i think"
Oakheart12 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Why doesn't Greg just dumps her if she is trying to turn him into something he doesn't want to be?
peachlover42 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Nice one.
Rogue7 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Nice story :)

Great work on the transitional change descriptions :)
morferedir Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
catgirl transformations are always fun
kathyismad123 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Sweet I'm the first to comment it was great and i am very excited to hear the rest of the spa stories I love your stories keep up the good work
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