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From Left to Right:

Name: Becky the Clown
Former Name: Naomi Washington
First Appearance: Birth of the Clown Crew
Age: 22
Hair: Red
Eyes: Lime Green
Breast Size: C
Height: 7 ft. 1 in.

Likes: Magic, Mumba, Farting, Funny Noises, Cute Clown Guys, Making Friends, Her Friends

Dislikes: Her Former Life, Height Limits on Rides, Impolite People

Info: Naomi was a rather immature and rash individual, which made it hard to make many friends outside of Stacy and Jessie.  However, her life changed when Mumba turned her into a clown when she was seeking out new clowns for her show.  

Naomi became Becky, a very tall clown with large hips, who was completely mature and sane (ignoring the fact that she loves making farting noises) and quickly became the leader of the trio of clowns.  She can easily make friends now and amusingly enough makes whoopee cushion noises when she sits down.  She has no magic specialty, but is quite verse in all types of magic.

Name: Curvy the Clown
Former Name: Jessie Hampton
First Appearance: Birth of the Clown Crew
Age: 21
Hair: Bright Yellow
Eyes: Pink
Breast Size: G
Height: 6 ft. 4 in.

Likes: Magic, Mumba, Makeup, Pretty & Tight Clothes, Pink, Hair Products, Curvy Girls, Her Friends

Dislikes: Flat Bodies, Ugliness, Perverts, Sports

Info: Jessie used to be a tomboy who didn't care at all about looking good or dressing in style.  It was all about having fun and being involved in the sports she loved.  However, she was transformed into Curvy the Clown when Mumba was interested in adding more people to her show.

Jessie, now Curvy, soon found herself loving be a girly girl and trying to look her best all the time, at least by clown standards.  Often ditzy and airheaded, she often doesn't notice things until they are pointed out to her and is often caught up in other people's appearances.  Her magic specialty is being able to turn people into more beautiful things, at least what she considers to be beautiful.  Interesting enough, if her breasts are squeeze, they make bike horn noises.

Name: Portly the Clown
Former Name: Stacy Lassing
First Appearance: Birth of the Clown Crew
Age: 19
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Light Blue
Breast Size: G
Height: 5 ft. 8 ½ in.

Likes: Magic, Mumba, Food, Belching, Farting, Blue, Stripes, Big Bellies, Her Friends

Dislikes: Being Thin, Table Manners

Info: Stacy used to be a quiet girl, who was very polite to everyone and was often hung up about other people's manners.  Despite being quiet mostly, she would end up correctly and reminding others to be more polite when eating.  However, Mumba ended up transforming her into Portly the Clown in searching for a new act for the show.

As Portly, she is now a very loud and jolly individual who loves eating and encourages everyone to eat to be as big as her.  Also, she is incredibly bad when it comes to table manners and constantly burps or farts as loud as possible after eating.  Her magic specialty is to make people grow/shrink or increase/decrease in size, with making people fatter her personal preference.  Interestingly enough, her belly makes drum noises when she hit.

Name: Starling the Assistant
Former Name: Samson the Sensational
First Appearance: Mumba the Mischievous
Age: 27
Hair: White/Silver
Eyes: Light Blue
Breast Size: EE
Height: 5 ft. 7 ½ in.

Likes: Magic, Assisting, People, Bunnies, Sparkles, Mumba, June, Randy

Dislikes: Hecklers, Drunks, Her Former Life

Info: Starling was once Samson the Sensational, a below average magician with a desire to entertain people with magic, although he was never very good at it.  One day during his former show, Mumba crashed it (making this her first ever appearance) and took over, transforming him into an assistant, one that looked very similar to her.

Initially angry about this turn of events, she soon grew to love her new self and the fact that she was able to entertain people more as Starling than Samson.  Loves helping Mumba in her acts and hopes one day that she'll teach her some of her best tricks.  She also has some Mumba's magic abilities, but she is only available to perform basic spells and transformations.  She now identifies herself as a female and acts like one, even becoming very attracted to men, which would lead her to becoming the girlfriend of Randy.

Name: Mumba the Mischievous
Former Name: Madison Taylor
First Appearance: Mumba the Mischievous
Age: 23
Hair: White/Silver
Eyes: Green
Breast Size: EE
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.

Likes: Magic, Fame, Money, Attention, Transforming Others, Starling, Oliver

Dislikes: Hecklers, Spotlight Stealers, Incompetent Magicians

Info: Formerly Madison Taylor, Mumba is a stage magician who acquired the powers of Mumbo, a Teen Titans villain after he was defeated.  The powers corrupted and changed her, turning her skin blue and hair white with a silver tint to it.

She grew a desire to acquire lots of money and fame and instead of turning to crime, she decided to become a magician and entertain the masses.  Her act involves the usual standard magic acts, but also incredible transformations where people turned into objects, animals, or other people.  She normally transforms people into things upon their own request, though she will turn people and change their minds if it suits her mood or benefits her in a way.  However, her transformations have yet to attract the attention of any superheroes and she hopes to keep it this way.

Name: June the Assistant
Former Name: Jake Stevens
Original Appearance: The New Assistants
Age: 19
Hair: White/Silver
Eyes: Light Green
Breast Size: EE
Height: 5 ft. 7 1/2 in.

Likes: Hot Boys, Cute Girls, Happy, Magic, Makeup, Starling

Dislikes: Bad Parents, Alcohol, Finding Clothes to Fit Her New Size

Info: June was once Jake Stevens, a 10 year old boy who ran away from his abusive home with his twin sister named Carly.  Carly bought them a ticket to one of Mumba's Magic Shows and they were brought on stage, where they were transformed into assistants.  June was scared at first about becoming a girl and also an assistant, but Starling took the young lady under her wing.  Soon, June became a chipper girl and Mumba's second best assistant in her show.

Despite being a girl now, June still has boyish qualities and traits to her, such as being attracted to girls.  However, she slowly has been developing more feminine traits, habits, attitudes, and qualities that she has been happily accepting, such as wearing makeup and bikinis.  She even has been developing an attraction to men, which confuses her when she is still into girl as well.  Starling has been helping her become the woman June truly wants to be and also to best assistant to a magician as possible.  Due to her past, June has problems when it comes to bad parents and has been known to be very confrontational when she sees kids in trouble in her eyes.

Name: Happy the Cat Girl
Former Name: Carly Stevens
Original Appearance: The New Assistants
Age: 19
Hair: White/Silver
Eyes: Light Green
Breast Size: E
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Likes: Cat Boys, Bells, Fish, June, Mumba, String, Magic

Dislikes: Bad Parents, Alcohol, Loud Sounds

Info: Happy the Catgirl was once Carly Stevens, a 10 year old girl who ran away from her abusive home with her twin brother named Jake.  Using some of their money they took, she saw one of Mumba's Magic Shows and was brought on stage with her brother, where they were transformed into assistants.

Happy is a very energetic catgirl who can transform into a large feline that Mumba can use for her stage performance and has some of her own magic abilities as well.  Her fur is very sensitive and she often wears skimpy things that don't ruffle it up much.  Though that also could be due to the fact that she likes her new body a lot and wants to show it off a bit, especially to cat boys she runs into.  Due to her trouble background, Happy hates parents who are bad and will often jump to a child's defense without a moment's hesitation.  She also volunteers at local orphanages to perform magic tricks whenever the magic show stops in a town or city.

Name: Jessie the Bunny Girl
Former Name: Sammy Hanson
First Appearance: Bunny Love
Age: 21
Hair: White with Pink Fur Belly
Eyes: Bright Blue
Breast Size: EE
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Likes: Hot Boys, Sex, Magic, Sexy Clothing, Rabbits, Carrots, June, Happy

Dislikes: Gaining Weight, Having No Condoms, Easter Bunny Jokes

Info: Jessie used to a chubby girl named Sammy, who was very bothered by her weight and felt she wasn't attractive.  To gain a self confidence boost, she went to the beach one day to try to prove to herself she was attractive.  What she found was June and Happy, who were relaxing on the beach themselves.  Looking to have some fun, they transformed Sammy into a hot bunny girl.

She instantly feels in love with herself and joined their magic show as a way of paying them back.  Mumba uses her for other animal performances that Happy can't do and often works with the Clown Crew for their magic performances.  Since becoming "hot" as she puts it, her social life has exploded, especially her sex life.  She often in bed with someone at least five times a week. Most of the crew jokes about it and her shamelessness, but Jessie doesn't care too much about.

Name: Cheerilee Fanning
Former Name: Teresa Fanning
First Appearance: Be Like Cheerilee
Age: 28
Hair: Light Pink
Eyes: Light Green
Breast Size: G
Height: 6 ft. 9 in.

Likes: Her Students, Her Fiancé, Teaching, Magicians, Purple, Ponies

Dislikes: Perverts, Finding Undergarments that Fit, Grading, Being Disliked by Her Students

Info: Teresa is a 1st grade teacher in all girls' school, who had trouble being liked by her students despite her devotion to them.  When attending Mumba's magic show, she is brought up on stage to be transformed into something she wants, which is something or someone that her students will like.  As such, she is turned into a human crossed with Cheerilee from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with Cheerilee's voice as well.

This new change brought tons of love from her students; her fiancé, who was quite into her new appearance surprisingly; and various others.  This joy she brought to others made her feel unbelievably happy.  She soon started watching the cartoon and tried to act more like the characters, which only won more points from her students.  Everyone started jokingly calling her Cheerilee after awhile and after thinking about it, Teresa changed her name to Cheerilee to complete the image.  She is now one of the most beloved teachers in her home state and with so many adoring people loving her, she wouldn't have it any other way.
I've decided to add an OC piece for Mumba and her friends, most of the characters from the series so far. Hopefully this fills in the background on these people.

Yes, I know the two guys, Randy and Oliver, aren't there but there was no room to put them in. Now, I'll add them into another piece later once there are other characters. Also, Cheerilee? Yes, she appeared in the FurrAffinity exclusive part of the series. For the people who aren't a member and couldn't see her there, here she is now.

Larger Image: [link]

Here's the series parts:
1. Mumba the Mischievous ([link])
2. Birth of the Clown Crew ([link])
3. Be Like Cheerilee ([link])
4. The New Assistants ([link])
5. The Hunky Magic Wish ([link])
6. Bunny Love ([link])
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