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It was Spring Break and Mat was stuck at home.  His parents managed to afford a trip for themselves and his brothers, but Mat got the short end of the deal.  His parents couldn't afford to bring him, so they left him home alone for an entire week.  They figure he was old enough to be by himself for the week and they didn't really want to throw away all their planning for the trip.

Mat is 17 years old, has brown hair, and stood at a regular height for a guy of his age.  He sat in his bed and played around with his Nintendo DS.  The game he was playing was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

He was slowly playing through the game, on the third case to be exact.  "Let's see," he mumbled, "I don't know what to do next… probably should ask Maya if she has an idea what to do next."

He went to Phoenix's office in the game, since that was the only area to ask Maya anything head on.  When she popped on screen, he clicked the talk icon.  When was about to ask 'Any ideas?' the game started to glitch out.  He blinked and tapped the screen with the stylus.  There was no response.

"What the?" he said, "That's just great!  The only game I got that my brothers didn't take on the trip is now not working!  Just great!"

He let out a sad sigh and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his fingers.  He dropped the DS onto the bed in surprise.  "Damn it!" he growled angrily, holding his hand as the pain went away just as quickly as it had appeared, "The DS shocked me!  How the hell did that happen?"

He looked at his hand, but there appeared to be no damage.  He sighed in relief and glanced back at the DS.  It looked to be working now and Maya on the screen was responding to the question he had asked.  "Weird glitch," he mumbled, "Oh well.  It is working now."

He picked the DS back up, carefully in case it would shock him again.  It didn't, so he went back to playing the game.  As he played, he became engrossed in it and started to forget about the rest of the world around him.

As he played, his body shrunk in size.  His arms and legs became skinner; his hands became more delicate; and his torso became scrawnier, until his slight muscular built was that of a girl's.  He didn't seem to notice that at all, even when he pressed the buttons on the DS with his thin fingers that now sported longer nails.

"Ok," he said in a gentler voice, but sort of excited voice, "I got the evidence, now let's head to court and prove Will Powers is innocent!"  He focused even harder now on the game.

As Mat did, his face feminized and became softer.  His chin receded, his nose shorten, his lips slightly plumped, and some final touches happened that fixed his face into a very familiar looking one.  He then spoke again, but in a female voice; "Yes!  Contradiction!  A few more right guesses and I got it!"

He didn't seem put off by the new voice, but then again, he didn't seem like he even noticed it.  He continued to play the game and more changes continued to happen.  For instance; his short, rough brown hair became a smooth and shining black tone that cascaded down his back.

Some of his long black hair fell in front of his face, but he merely pushed it out of his way.  The long black hair on the sides were then held together separately by two individual purple beads.  The hair on the back of his head was then held together by another purple bead at the very end of his new long hair.  One final bead held another group of hair at the top of his head.

Mat paid no mind to this and excitedly said in a peppy and girly voice, "There!  I almost did it!  Just need to present some more pieces of evidence!"

He paused for a second, realizing his voice was different.  Then he was distracted again by the game and went back to playing it, shrugging off his new voice.  As he played, there was a light tingling feeling in his groin area that caused him to rub his legs together.  Unknown to him was the fact that he now lacked a certain male trait.

He still didn't take note of that, because he… she was still busy focusing on the game.  She was close to end and was about to present the final piece of evidence.  That's when her chest inflated.  There was some tingling her chest area as two small bumps pushed forward.  They were unnoticeable at first, but then they puffed out into a set up B-Cup breasts.

"Yeeeessss!" she said joyfully with a giggle, "I won!  I won!  I won!  Oh my!"  When she jumped a bit in joy, she felt her new found breasts jiggling a little bit with that movement.

"What?!" she said patting her chest area and immediately blushing because of that, "I have… boobies?!  And my voice!  It's so… girly!"

She panicked and rushed to the bathroom to see what she looked like now that she realized that her body had gone through some changes.  She rushed into the room and looked into the mirror.  She let out a huge gasp and stared in awe.

Her whole body was now completely female and also, while she had rush to the room, her clothes had gone through their own change.  She immediately recognized the clothes as the ones the people of Kurain Village wear.  As in, the people from the Phoenix Wright games.  She then realized it.  She had changed into Maya Fey from the series!

"Oh…" she gasped.  She is unable to fully grasp what she sees.  She runs her delicate hands through her soft and long hair.  She touches her breasts gentle and feels her groin area, frowning once more.  She touches the necklace around her neck and then finally feels her clothes.  Everything is completely real.

"I don't believe it," she said, "How is this possible!"

Then it hits her!  When she was playing the game, it had glitch out and shocked her.  Right when it glitch out, she had selected to talk to Maya on the screen.  Maybe, somehow, that changed Mat into Maya!

"This is so weird!" the new Maya said with a horrified looked on her face, "I can be Maya and I can't be a girl!  What will everyone say when they get back to find me?!  I… I… have to find a way to change back!"

There was suddenly a loud gurgle sound.  She looked around in surprise and heard it again from below.  She glanced down and saw that her stomach was growling, hungrily.  She looked at it with confusion and rubbed her stomach area.

A feeling then came over her.  She felt so hungry.  "Oh man!" she said, "I… need something to eat!  But what?"

Then an idea crossed her mind and smiled brightly.  "Cheeseburger!" she said happily, "I'll get some cheeseburgers!  I have some then I think this new situation over!"  She then excitedly ran off in search of some burgers to eat.
Yeah, yeah... I know. I haven't been doing much recently. I'm lazy, yeah yeah... don't remind me.

So, I decided to do something not planned at all. I came up with this idea recently as I was replaying through the Phoenix Wright series. I suddenly got an urge to write this and I hoped you like it for how simple it is. I hope this gets me back into the groove of things.

I am sorry if I got any of the transformation details messed up. Her hair style isn't actually easy to describe if you have seen the character before.

I do not own Phoenix Wright or any of the characters so... yeah...
SonicSophie83 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
brill story xx
tiin11 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Nice work and I see what you mean about :iconmayafeyplz:'s hair.
ganin10 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
if your having trouble with ideas how about a prequel to the date about how the brother got the deoderant
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