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It was 8:00 AM on the second day.  The giant neighborhood garage sale was active once more.  Cars were already pulling into the area and parking all over the streets.  Rachel and JD were both busy putting the remaining items out on their tables, hurrying to get ready for the morning rush.  Both of them had returned to their Bleach girl forms, JD as Rangiku and Rachel as Yoruichi, for fun and to help sell the remaining supply of Costume in a Can's they had left.

"Okay then!" Rachel said stretching her arms, "Everything is all set!  Bring on the customers!"

"Well hopefully they aren't all here for the spray cans," JD, now back to being Jessie, spoke, "I just counted, we are down to 20 boxes, some of which aren't completely full.  I think we should put a limit on how many people can get so we don't run out."

"Good idea," Rachel said, watching as Jessie put a couple of a cans on the main table next to the laptop, "Probably should limit people to 4 or 5 cans instead of as many as they can carry."

Jessie nodded in agreement. Once she finished setting things up herself, she spotted someone walking up. "Customer coming," she spoke.  Rachel turned and observed the figure coming up.  The person was a young man, average looking except for his dyed green hair with regular blue jeans and black t-shirt.  He blushed when he was up close to the two and girls glanced at each other.

Rachel cleared her voice and asked sweetly, "Hi, I'm Rachel and this is Jessie.  Is there anything in particular you're looking for or need any help with?"

"Well," he said taking a deep breath, "There's… something."

"What is it?"

He then looked at the two of them seriously, with a fire in his eyes.  He asked, "Can you two make me into a woman?"

Both girls stared at him blankly and then looked at each other again.  He blushed again, very embarrassed by his outburst.  "Ah…" Jessie said, "You want us to… make you into a woman?"

"Maybe he is referring to the Costume in a Can spray?" Rachel said.  He then nodded his head furiously, still a little embarrassed to speak.

Jessie smiled brightly and asked, "Oh!  You want to turn into one of the hotties from Bleach like us?"

He meekly said, "Yeah… I heard about you two were selling this stuff on Twitter last night and I… I… got curious and decided to come.  I… thought it would be fun to be a girl."

"Oh it is fun!" Jessie said happily, "All the cute clothes you can wear, these new and wonderful emotions of woman, a sense of pride about who am I that I never felt as a guy, and the fact that you become so much more beautiful than you were before!"

"I think you should lay off the spray for a while," Rachel commented, "I think it is starting to scramble some of your brains."

"I am perfectly fine," Jessie said, sticking her tongue out and then returning to the boy, "Well, I'll help you out!  First of all, what's your name?"

"Jay," he said.

"Okay Jay," she said grabbing a spray can from the table, "Here is the solution you desire!"  She handed him the can and he read the label: 'Costume in a Can: Anime Babe Bleach Edition. Ready for your enjoyment! One spray and one new you guaranteed. Warning: Do not spray into open flames and does not mix well with suntan lotion. Effects may last up to an hour to a week depending on the amount of spray used. Side Effects Include: Runny Nose, Upset Stomach, Happy and Accepting Feelings, and Itching and or Sensitive Skin. Do not use if pregnant.'

"Now," Rachel said, explaining the situation, "This is how the spray works.  One quick spray and your body changes into a random Bleach girl.  Once you transformed, the effect will last anywhere from an hour to a week depending on the amount of spray used.  Continuously spraying yourself while you are a Bleach girl every now and then will ensure that you stay one for a long time.  However, the girl you become is the one you are stuck with for good.  For example, I turned into Yoruichi and as such, I cannot turn into say, Rukia.  I will always be Yoruichi every time I spray myself.  You get it?"

He nodded and said seriously, "So, if I get sprayed by this, I'll get giant boobs like Jessie?"

Jessie blushed and Rachel laughed, "It's a possibility since a couple of the girls do have huge knockers.  Anyone in particular you are hoping for?"

He nodded again and said softly, "Nel."

"Oh Nel is a fun one!" Rachel squealed, "We had three of them yesterday!  She's one of the only girls to match Rangiku Jessie here in curves.  Seeing Nel makes her a bit jealous to see another possible rival."

"So?" Jessie said, "I am not jealous.  I'm much curvier than any other girl in Bleach.  I don't see any of them as a threat."

"She's jealous," Rachel smirked, "Just ignore her.  So, before you buy a can, would you like a free sample?  One quick spray and you turn into a girl for an hour.  Feel free to use the mirror to examine yourself as you changed.  If you like the results, feel free to then buy a can.  If not, no harm and no foul; feel free to hang around until the effects wear off."

"Okay," he said with a nod, "Let's try this."  Rachel complied with his request and gladly gave him a quick spray, using the can he was holding.  He coughed slightly and turned his attention to the full length mirror besides the table. His heart was beating fast and his mind raced with tons of different thoughts about what was going to happen to him.

The first change kicked off almost immediately.  His dark brown eyes brighten up with a lovely light green color.  He blinked his eyes a few times in surprise, but as he did, they grew longer and surprisingly bright blonde.  His nose thinned, but it also had a sharp point, slightly protruding out a bit.  His facial bone structure and muscles dramatically reshaped themselves into a more womanly appearance.  His lips plumped to a nice size, quite similar to Jessie's own.  His eyebrows turned bright blonde as well.  Wrapping up the facial change were two blue lighting shaped markings on her cheeks.  Already, he looked like a completely new person.

"One thing's for sure," Jessie commented on his current appearance, "You're not turning into Nel.  Honestly, I don't think I have seen this one yet."  Jay was slightly disappointed not turning into the girl he wanted to be.  However, he could be fine with that depending on who he becomes.  So far, he didn't recognize the girl himself, but a few more changes could probably fix that.

In response, all of the green dye in his hair suddenly leaked out and splattered onto the driveway.  Once it was gone, his normal old brown shade had returned, however, only a minute or two, as a new color quickly swept over his head.  His new color that appeared was now a bright blonde like his eyebrows and eyelashes.  Rachel grimaced as she looked at the green stain and said, "Ah yuck!  Now I got hose off the driveway!"

"Sa… sorry," Jay said.

Rachel shook her head and said, "Not your fault.  Honestly wasn't expecting that at all.  Then again, no one came in before with dyed hair."  She sighed and went off to fetch the hose from the side of the house.

Jay's short hair exploded outwards in all random directions, leaving a giant mess of wild, long hair falling all over his head.  Most of it fell to neck length, but some big strands only reached eye level.  An odd grouping of hair fell in front of his face and crossed each other, giving his face an odd x-mark in hair.  The rest of his hair flowed out in all directions and different angles, some even pointing upwards on the top of his head.

"Now that's disorganized hair if I ever seen it before!" Jessie commented, "Perhaps you would like some of my hair care products? I betcha I got something that can fix that problem in a jiffy!"

"No…" he said, twiddling with some of it, "I… I sort of like it."  Was it as well kept or stylish as Jessie's or even Rachel's?  No, but that didn't matter.  This felt rather right to him and pretty good.  He could work with it.

"Well if that's what you want," Jessie shrugged, as Rachel approached with the hose, "But you let me know if you change your mind."

"Careful," Rachel said, spraying the green liquid on the ground, "Going to get a little wet here." Jessie step back as Rachel hosed the driveway down.  Jay jumped back, but as soon as he did, his legs and torso instantly stretched.  His feet almost immediately touched the ground the second he jumped.  He now stood an extra 3 inches higher, one inch more than Jessie's.

"Taller than me," Jessie noted, "Hmm… still don't know who the girl is yet."

"I may have an idea," Rachel said, tossing the hose onto the lawn and out of the way, "But I would need one more body adjustment to be able to tell who he is turning into."

"Who could she be talking about?" Jay thought, staring at himself in the mirror.  However, a small smile formed on his plump lips and he said quietly to himself, "Whoever it is, she is very pretty.  She may not be Nel, but I think love being this girl instead."

A light brown splotch appeared on his cheek next to one of the lighting marks.  It suddenly spread over his face, darkening it, but still leaving the blue marks visible.  It spread like wildfire down his neck and over his body.  As the skin changed, it also smoothed out and hair strands dropped from his body, except for his eyebrows and head hair.  His entire complexion, once white and now light brown, was completely different in only 30 seconds.

"Ah-ha!" Rachel said, as a light bulb went off in her head, "I recognize her now!  She's Harribel [or is it Hallibel?], one of the Espada!"

"Oh yeah…" Jessie said, remembering the woman, "But I don't remember her having a mouth or those marking on her face before."

"You stopped reading before they showed what she looked like," Rachel explained, "But that is definitely her… minus all the Hollow pieces and curves so far."

"Harribel…" Jay thought, "She's beautiful… I'm beautiful… this is… so wonderful!"  A warm feeling went throughout his body as a sense of joy burst within in him.  He was so caught up in it that he didn't even notice the tingling feeling in his genital area.  His male part faded away and was replaced by a more female appropriate one.  She was a girl and even though she didn't realize this particular change, she still knew she was one.

She closed her eyes and sighed happily.  However, she opened her eyes as an odd pain went through her stomach.  She groaned and the two girls came to her aid.  Rachel asked, "Are you okay?  What's the matter?"

"It's… my stomach…" Jay groaned, clutching her sides.  Both girls looked at each other and grinned, realizing what was happening.  Jessie patted her on the back and said, "Oh there's nothing to worry about.  It's just your body going through the final phase and giving you the curves you so rightly deserve as a woman now.  This pain only lasts a few moments."

"Really?" Jay said.  Both girls nodded and a sense of relief went through her.  She thought she was sick or having a bad reaction to the spray now, but it was comforting to note that it wasn't case.  Her figure was developing and she was excited.

They helped her stand tall and lifted her t-shirt up a bit to show her what was happening.  Her waist was pushing in, but her stomach was developing tone and muscles.  It soon looked like she had the torso of a woman who works out a bit but still has an hourglass figure.  The pain went away and Jay smiled, running her small hands along her sides.  She was undoubtedly enjoying the curve going on and would likely enjoy what was to follow.

"I think Jay here is really enjoying herself," Jessie said to Rachel, "Can't blame her though.  Turning into a woman or girl because of this spray gives you a great feeling, doesn't it Jay?"

"Damn straight," she said, without thinking, "By the way, its Jenny now.  It's more appropriate for a girl like me than silly old boy name like Jay."  

A thought raced in the back of her mind just then: "Where did that come from?" She's normally quieter and a bit shyer than that.  Where did this boost of assurance and confidence come from?  As she thought about it, another thought crossed her mind.  Did it really matter?  She felt great!  It's like this spray stuff helped her become more certain of herself and frankly, she loved it!  Why be the quiet and shy self she normally is when she can express herself or her feelings more?

There was a growing tightness feeling in her jeans then.  She looked down and saw them stretching.  Her thighs grew to a more toned and womanly proportion like Jessie's own, the inner sides rubbing up against each other.  Her hips widen, putting some real nice and sexy curves on her body.  Her ass also swelled to a more rounded, but firm shape.

Despite how much Jenny liked these changes, her jeans didn't agree with them.  The sides of them split opened, the back split up in the middle, her button popped, and the zipper unzipped itself.  Without a doubt, her pants were not well built for hips like hers anymore.

"Oh no!" she said, her entire face turning red, "Not good!"

"And this here is why we unzip when our hips come in," Jessie explained, "It's a good lesson to be learnt from all of this."

"Too bad it set you back one pair of jeans," Rachel added.

Jenny ignored the two of them, looking over her tattered jeans.  Well it was true that she probably wouldn't wear them now that she was a girl, it still didn't mean she wouldn't wear them when she turned back into her original self.  Definitely the least liked part of this transformation so far, even though she did enjoy her luscious hips.

"Umm…" she said, asking the two girls, "Do you have any skirts or shorts I can borrow?  I need… oh!"  At this point, she noticed her voice finally diverge away from her male one into her new, mature feminine one.

"Oh your voice finally came in!" Rachel said happily, "How wonderful!  As for your question, sure!  We got clothes you can borrow or in this case, buy from us.  You look like you're Jessie's size.  I'm sure she would be happy to help you there."

"Sure," Jessie said, "But let's hold off on that for just a minute and let her finish changing into Harribel first."

Jenny nodded, realizing a certain feature was missing so far.  She turned back to the mirror and she took one more deep breath as the final phase started.  Her back arced, pushing her flat chest out more on display.  However, that lack chest soon corrected itself as two, young breasts started to emerge.  Swelling to an A-Cup, they gently pushed against her t-shirt.  From there into a B-Cup, they pushed harder and their outlines were fully visible on her clothing.  They were growing a bit sensitive, causing Jenny to blush as they rubbed against the cotton fabric gently.  It was a new feeling for her, but one that she kind of liked.

Then they grew into a C-Cup, really stretching the fabric of the t-shirt and raising its hemline upwards, revealing her bellybutton.  D-Cup came next and the shirt struggled to contain their size, pushing against their confines with all their might.  They were heavy, but yet didn't burden Jenny's body like she thought they might.  They swelled to an E-Cup, causing a tear in the middle of the shirt, splitting it slightly open.

"Oh mine," Jenny said starting to pant as she brought her hands to her bosom, "So… hot…"  With one last mighty heavy [and even a moan from her], her breasts swelled to a nice size EE-Cup, finally stopping.  However, this last burst of growth split the shirt even more, causing a large tear that showed her vast cleavage.

With that, Jenny was complete.  She felt so warm, the last part of the transformation being a bit of a doozy for her.  She stared at her reflection and smiled.  A lovely, confident, and quite hot woman with dark skin, blonde hair, and an amazing figure stood in the place of what use to be a shy, average looking boy with dyed green hair.  She was quite thrilled by it.

"So what do you think?" Jessie said, "It's not Nel, but it certainly is a girl with a giant boobs like me.  Mostly the same size from what I can tell."

"What do I think?" she said turning to Rangiku clone.  A huge smile appeared on her face and said loudly, "This is awesome!"  With that, she gave Jessie a giant and tight bear hug, though it was difficult to wrap her arms around the strawberry blonde when both of their massive chests pushed together kept them at a distance.

"Well aren't you affectionate?" Rachel said, scratching her head, "A far cry from the guy before."

"Great isn't it?" Jenny said, letting go of the now red faced Jessie, "I never felt this brave before or so confident about myself.  I feel like I can finally talk to people without getting flustered or nervous!  Not to mention, this spray made me into one hot number."

"That's putting it lightly," Jessie said as she cooled down from the hug, "Anyhow, I think it's time to get some new clothes."  Jenny glanced at herself once more, observing her torn jeans and split open t-shirt, which if she wasn't too careful, could end up flashing innocent bystanders.

"Yeah," she said with a small smile, "I think I do need some new stuff."  Jessie smiled herself and took the new woman into her house to find some better fitting clothes.  Rachel stayed behind and watched the stands while the two were busy playing dress up.

Over 20 minutes later, after trying on different outfits and showing Jenny how to put a bra on, the two girls returned with Jenny, who carried a paper bag full of her boy clothes.  Rachel looked at the two and squealed with delight as she observed the new outfit.  Jenny sported white, open-toed sandals; short blue jean shorts that reached only half way down her shapely thighs; and a form fitting black crop top that showed lots of her cleavage and her firm abdomen.  Underneath it all, she wore white laced panties and bra, which fitted her shape perfectly.

"Looking good girl!" Rachel said with a wink.

"Thanks," Jenny said.

"She's only been a girl for less than 30 minutes and she already as a good fashion sense," Jessie said, teasingly elbowing her, "I was going to pick a regular pink top, but she picked out that crop top herself because she thought it would look better on her.  I got to admit, it does."

'Let's not talk about it," Jenny said, "Let's talk about the spray cans!  How many can I buy?"

"Only 5 due to a limited number we have left," Rachel said, "5 dollars in total, plus 15 for the new clothes."

"Deal!" Jenny said getting some money from her wallet, "I would have paid more for this stuff.  You made me so happy!"

"Maybe we should," Rachel said scratching her chin.

"I was just kidding about paying more," Jenny said, narrowing her eyes.  Rachel chuckled and took her money.  She put the spray cans in the bag and watched as the newest Bleach Babe walked off cheerfully, swaying her hips side to side.

"And there goes another satisfied customer!" Rachel remarked.

"And there's more where that came from," Jessie said, noticing a group of people coming up the drive, "Incoming!"  The girls hopped to it eagerly and went to help these new customers, hoping soon to help another person discover the fun that comes from the Costume in a Can spray.
Hooray! Another finished piece ready for you guys to enjoy. This time, the story is for TGTF42, who requested his OC Jay be turned into the number 3 Espada, Harribel/Halibel.

Want to join the fun? Check out this journal entry to find out how:

Rest of the Series Can Be Found Here:
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I just scrolled through the words sorry...

Harribel is proving that wearing less clothing make s you moar powerful.
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wow...plz leak me the place where i can find a can of my own...though it would be nice to have the powers or abilities when transformed
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