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"And you have a good day yourself!" Jessie said cheerfully, handing the customer's shopping bag.  The customer smiled brightly and skipped off, happy as could be.  Why shouldn't she though?  Only a few moments ago, she was a young, grouchy sort of guy in a foul mood.  After a quick spray of the Costume in a Can, he had turned into a peppy and cheerful looking Loly Aivirrine (A far cry in personality from the original version to be sure).

It was 11:17 AM and things were certainly underway in at the neighborhood wide garage sale.  After a big burst of people right away, things had settled down in the area, now at a nice and more manageable rate.  Jessie *coughJDcough* and her partner, Rachel, were busy selling off their wares and dealing with the waves of customers that came through.  At that last person left, there was no one left at their particular sale, allowing themselves to take a quick break.

"Phew!" Jessie said, collapsing in a lawn chair, "What a day!  So many people!"

"I know," Rachel said, taking a drink from her water bottle, "I'm just glad it slowed down for a sec so I could at least drink a little bit.  We've pretty much sold off all our clothes now, so I hope the rest of the stuff goes quickly."

"At least faster than that spray stuff," Jessie sighed, "We've sold, like, 7 cans out like over 500 over or something?"

"Well certainly some large number," Rachel said.  The two of them previously had discovered a large stash of boxes full of Costume in a Can spray that JD/Jessie bought earlier.  Having no use for every single box, they decided to sell around forty boxes, with a buck a can.  To help convince people of its power, they turned into their Rangiku and Yoruichi forms today and even set up a video on their laptop so the spray in action.

However, they weren't selling too well.  Maybe like 3 people took an interest in it and bought a can or more.  Most of the garage sale customers weren't interested in such an odd product, found it stupid, or didn't think it had any worth.  So unless a miracle happened, they were going to be stuck with a lot of cans that they wouldn't know what to do with.

Suddenly, a young man came up the drive.  Rather average looking individual, maybe two or three years younger than them.  He glanced around at the wares and then to the girls.  He looked him curiously and approached after staring them for a moment.  Jessie and Rachel exchanged glances and then Jessie asked, "Umm… may we help you sir?"

"Y-yes," he said, "My name is Keenan and I heard about something… odd you were selling here."

"Nothing illegal I assure you," Jessie commented, suspicious of the older teen's prescene, "What did you hear?"

He shrugged and said with uncertainly, "Just a rumor and all, but I heard… you were selling something… that can turn a person into a chick."

The girls looked surprised by this.  Did one of their previous customers who bought a spray can mention this before?  Rachel asked, "So… where did you hear about that?"

"A friend of mine named Chris," Keenan explained, "He posted on his Facebook page about finding this spray can and a picture of a girl that looks like Rukia from Bleach that said she was Chris."

"Oh that guy who turned into her earlier!" Jessie said, "She was the first customer to buy one of our spray cans!"

"So what is this all about?" Keenan said, "I'm still a little shaking on the details here."

"Well," Rachel explained, clearing her throat and holding up one of the Costume in a Can spray cans, "This here a special spray can.  With one simple spray of whatever the hell is in this can, you can turn into one of the lovely ladies of Bleach.  The results, as you can tell, are quite impressive.  I, myself, am Yoruichi."

"I am Rangiku," Jessie winked, pushing up her chest a little.

"Some random side effects like a boost of happiness and stomach cramps," Rachel said, "A maybe a runny nose, but that's it.  This stuff is grade A awesome and makes you feel awesome as well."

"Not mention quite sexy," Jessie said, stroking her chest once teasingly.

Keenan blushed and directed his attention onto Rachel, who only grinned at him.  "So," he said, glancing at the can she held, "Really can turn you into an anime chick?"

"Darn straight it can," Rachel said, "Proof right before you or would you prepare to see a video replay of the magic?"  She pointed to the laptop that was already queued up to the video she wanted.

"That's okay," he said, "I was just wondering… if I could… maybe try it out myself?"

Both girls' eyes sparkled with delight and they grasped his hands lovingly.  They said blissfully in union, "Really?  You want to be a hot girl like us?"

"Well…" he said pulling his hands away from them quickly and blushing some more, "I was… just sort of interested in seeing what it might be like to change…"

"That's perfectly okay!" Rachel said, shaking the spray can she held, "I'm more than happy to change you!  Tell you what; I'll give you one quick spray for free.  The effects will only last an hour, so you don't have to worry about being a girl for long if you're not happy with the results!"

"Okay," Keenan said, "If it's only for an hour."  Rachel smiled and gave him a quick spray of the product.

He coughed and asked, "So, how long does it take until… oh!  My voice!  It's all different and stuff!'"  His male, teenaged, voice had gone up in pitch and vibrancy, becoming that a young teenage girl.  Though initially scared, a sense of calmness flowed through his body and he became to relax, naturally accepting what just happened.

"Oh course," Jessie said, "Can't have a guy voice coming out a pretty girl now?"

Pretty girl?  Those words, for some reason, excited him and made him feel a bit happy.  He said, "No, I guess not."

"By the way," Rachel said, pointing a full-length mirror set up next to the table, "Feel free to use the mirror to check out your progress as you change."  Keenan nodded and walked over to the mirror.  He gazed into it, waiting for the next part of his transformation to begin.

It didn't take long though.  His light colored irises turned brown while his eyes slight became bigger and cuter.  His eyelashes slightly length for a more girly style, while his eyebrows thinned and turned orange.  His face feminized, teeth became slightly whiter, his nose shrunk, and his lips slightly became fuller (though nowhere near as noticeable as Jessie's).  Having completed that part of the change, he now had an appealing and rather pretty face.

"Wow," he said, touching his face gently, "I'm so…"

"Cute?" both girls said together.  He blushed and briefly smiled.  He thought, "Yeah… cute.  I do look cute."

As he touched his face, it became softer and smoother.  He pulled his hand away and looked at it.  His hand was also similar, even hairless now!  He pulled back his shirt's sleeves, seeing the change taking place their as well.  In fact, only half a minute, his whole skin was supple, smooth, and blemish free.

"That's another plus of the spray," Rachel said, noticing his new skin, "As a girl, you need to shave your legs otherwise run risk of being criticized about not shaving by some asshole.  However, as an anime girl, you don't need to do and waste a bunch of time."

"It's not like you need to even when you're normal," Jessie said.

"Can I help it that as a slime girl, my skin is always hairless?"

"Uh-huh," Keenan said, not really paying attention.  He was slowly becoming enraptured by his transformation.  Happy and pleasant feelings were filling him and he started feel so… girly and even beautiful.

He smiled again as he noticed another transformation starting.  His dark hair at its roots started turning a dark, burnt orange color.  It quickly ran up each strand of hair to its tippy top, changing his head hair's entire color.  His short hair then started growing out, stretching down to his waist while some in the front fell onto his chest.  Finally, a couple of loose bangs fell over his forehead, with a slight parted fringe in the middle.

"Looking good Orihime," Jessie commented.

"Orihime?" Keenan said glancing back.

"Yeah!" Rachel said, "You really look like her a lot [from the neck up at least].  You are going to be a real looker for sure!"

Keenan looked back into the mirror, slightly smiling.  "They're right," he thought happily, "I really do like Orihime.  I'm only to be just as cute as her… I can't wait!"

He giggled slightly as his body started to shrink.  He dropped 3 inches to the same height as Rachel.  His muscles decreased and any extra fat melted away, leaving behind a slender and female figure for a girl a bit younger than his age.  His stomach flatten and his shoulders lost their broad nature, curving downwards.  Finally, his hands became smaller and his fingernails slightly grew longer.  With that, Keenan now held the figure of a teenage girl, more specifically, that of Orihime's.

Due to this decrease in size, his clothing fitted him awkwardly.  His shirt was a size or two larger, with the hemline slightly going past his hips now.  His shoes were two sizes too big with his feet easily sliding in and out.  His pants, on the other hand, just fell to the ground, no longer able to properly fit around his smaller hips.

"Don't worry!" Rachel said, "We also sell clothes here.  I'm sure we can find something fit your new measurements."

"Though not right now," Jessie said, "Since you are going to turn into Orihime, your current figure isn't going to stay very flat for much longer."

"That's right!" Keenan said, "She's a pretty curvy girl isn't she?  I'm going to have her curves pretty soon."  A large smile crossed his lips and a sense of joy rang throughout him.  He was going to be a full figure, attractive girl and he loved it!

An odd feeling aroused in his private area.  A slight blush crossed his face as he looked down to it.  He lifted up his longer shirt and looked at his boxers.  A bulge that used to be in the middle them was no longer there.  Curious, he casually (not casually enough since both girls behind him realized what he was doing and grinned with amusement) touched his crotch area and found nothing but flatness.  He wasn't going to be a girl, she already was one!

Both girls walked up behind the new female and placed their hand on her shoulders.  They smiled warmly and said gently, "Welcome to womanhood Keenan."

She slightly teared up as new feelings and emotions arose in her.  They were so different, but yet so wonderful.  She was a girl and she loved it.  "Please," she said softly, "Please call me Kelly.  It's… it's much better than Keenan right now."

"Sure thing Kelly!" Jessie said.  Hearing her name being said, Kelly's heart rose.  She happily stared into the mirror, waiting for her full transformation to complete her new, pretty self.

Unseen by her, her waist slightly curved in, giving her flat hips a slight curve.  Her back arced a bit, pushing her chest out a bit more, though with its flatness, it certainly didn't show off anything currently impressive.  A feeling of warmth and excitement ran through her body and her eyes grew with excitement.  The change was coming to a close and it was going to be great!

Her hips pushed outwards, building off the curves set by the narrower waist.  Her thighs thicken a bit, rubbing against each other.  Her rear end inflated slightly into a more firmer and shapely look. Finally, her hips finished their stretching, now giving her a nice and round, curvy shape on the bottom.

Her chest started tingling and her smile widen, eager to see the final part in action.  Two small bumps appeared on her chest and grew outwards in an A-Cup, not visible yet underneath her big shirt.  They inflated to a B-Cup, now rubbing up against her shirt and sending pleasurable waves throughout her body.  They grew into a C-Cup, pushing against the shirt and showing their outline in it.  Finally, they grew in a perky and health D-Cup, raising her shirt's hemline up a bit and stretching its fabric tightly.

With that, there was no more Keenan at all.  Just Kelly, a lovely and rather appealing Orihime look-alike. Kelly smiled proudly, turning her back slightly to see her backside.  Rachel and Jessie looked at each other contently, happy help a boy discover the fun of being a Bleach Babe like themselves.

"This is just amazing!" Kelly said, "I'll really like it a lot!"

"Now we need to get you some clothes," Jessie said, "Rachel, help the dear find her some proper clothing for a girl like her."

"Absolutely," Rachel said, taking Kelly by hand and leading her over to the table with clothes on it.  After ditching her former boy pants and large shoes, Rachel helped Kelly find some better fitting clothes.  Once done there, she led her into the house where Kelly could change into her new duds, while Jessie tossed Kelly's former boy clothes into a bag and managed the sale by herself.  

A few minutes later, the two girls returned.  Kelly now wore a short-sleeved pink shirt with a collar, form fitting red gym shorts, and white sandals.  Underneath, she still wore her old boxers and had no bra.  She would need to find some women undergarments that would fit somewhere else, not that she minded.  She was kind of intrigued by the prospect of finding panties and bras for her new curves.

"Looking good Kelly," Jessie said.

"Thanks," she said, tossing her former shirt into the bag Jessie had packed with her clothes, "Anyhow, I thought about it as I got changed and I want to buy some of those cans of spray.  They are so much fun!"

"They certainly are," Rachel said pleasantly, "How many would you like?"

"Five cans of this!  How much?"

"Only five dollars cutie," Jessie said.

"Sold!" Kelly said, taking out her wallet and getting some money.

As she handed Jessie the cash, she said, "You know how my friend posted about this on Facebook, right?  I'm going to do the same as well!  Maybe you'll get some more people down here to buy this great stuff!"

"That would be rather nice," Rachel said, putting the cans into the bag, "We got tons of these spray cans cluttering the entire garage."  With that, Kelly took her stuff and headed off, ready to face the world as her new female self.  She waved good-bye and headed down the sidewalk away from them.

Jessie sighed sadly, "Yeah, it would really be nice to sell more of this stuff, but at the rate we're selling, we'll be stuck with these cans for a very long time."

"I know," Rachel stated, sighing herself, "I know she meant well, but I really don't think her post will get more people down here to buy Costume in a Can."

Once she said that, a group of individuals showed up, a couple of guys and a few girls mixed together.  They approached the ladies and one of them asked, "Hey, I saw a post on Twitter talking about something called Costume in a Can."

Rachel and Jessie looked at each other and Jessie remarked, "I guess we may have spoke too soon.  So, what can we do for you?"

"We're the University of [State name withheld]'s Anime Club!" a girl among them said, "We heard you were selling spray cans that can turn people into anime characters!  We want to buy a box or two from you!"  With that sentence, the two girls would experience a whole lot of more people showing up to buy their cans for the rest of the garage sale event.
Here's yet another piece for the Costume in a Can series, this one in particular taking place right before Rache and myself/JD/Jessie were flooded with customers wanting the spray can. This particular one was for shadowwind900, where he turned into one of the female leads of the show and kidnapped victim, Orihime Inoue!

Want to join the fun? Check out this journal entry to find out how:

Rest of the Series Can Be Found Here:
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she cute
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That ridiculously cute head and face really make this work... weirdly tempting, the thought of having them as one's own, even temporarily...
agentaaa Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Student Writer
Awesome work. I can honestly say that this is some of the best TG fiction I've seen on NG, and that you've got a lot of talent, already. Most TG fiction tends to be sadly lacking in either story or the sequence of transformation, and you've managed to keep both in mind and still write an excellent piece. That said, I would like to ask if, after all the requests are done, you'd be willing to do one last piece with all the characters meeting at a convention, or something. This series definitely deserves a finale, after all.
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I probably will do one last piece to wrap up Part 1 of this series with everyone meeting up, doing one more round of Bleach girl transformation, and having a fun time.
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thanks for the story I really enjoyed it keep up the good work :)
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