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    “Soooooooo hot,” the young man moaned and groaned, dragging his feet as he trudged along the sidewalk.  It was the middle of the day and the Sun was scorching the Earth with its rays.  The temperature was just a bit over 90 degree Fahrenheit and there was no wind or clouds at all.  You would have to be a fool to be walking out on the street that day unless you had to.
    One such fool was a young Hispanic man named Ricky who thought he had a great plan.  He’d take a walk over to the movie theater several city blocks away from where he lived while it was still cool out, catch a movie with a friend, and get a ride back home.  He’d save a little money on gas, get some exercise, and it would all be good.
    Unfortunately, by the time Ricky made it to the theater, he realized something horrible.  He had left his wallet at his home and his friend was nowhere to be seen.  Calling the
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 29 3
Smoke It Up: Babysitting Changes
    “And boom!” declared the adorable, red bunny girl, “We did it!  We made enough money to go the waterpark!”  All the multi-fur-colored animals kids clapped and bounced about excitedly at that announcement, even giving the bunny girl a big hug.
    “Yay!” a young girl cheered, “They did it!”
    “Yes they did,” a young woman awkwardly replied from the couch.  It was after seven o’clock and a woman in her early 20’ named Robin Perkins was busying babysitting an eight-year-old girl named Carly.  Due to a series of odd and amusing events, Robin found herself roped into watching the child of a co-worker of her.  Between having babysat before as a teen, shy, and her having difficulty saying no, Robin found herself in this current situation.
    As Robin watched the cartoon with Carly, who was utterly enraptured by the show, there was
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 16 12
Let the Fox In
    A loud, long yawn emanated through the quiet motel room.  Sitting on the bed was a chubby, glass-wearing woman with dark skin and braids.  She was busy typing away on her laptop, chatting online with a business contact.  She typed: Trust me, my co-worker is sure to find what you and your friends want.
    I hope so or the reward you want will simply no longer be available to you. I hope you understand.  I will contact you later.
    Prick, the woman thought, we got this locked down.  I wish he stop threatening us with this crap.  The woman was named Jessica and she was partners/friends with a woman named Andrea.  The two of them were thieves that made a living stealing, rummaging, and scrummaging for rare items in old abandon or restricted areas.  It wouldn’t seem like a high paying job, but to the right audience wanting certain items, they were highly sought after.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 13 1
Smoke It Up: New Product Available
    A young man with messy brown hair and sharp orange shades was hurrying over to the center of his city’s park.  He was happy after getting news of something exciting on Facebook.  A person he followed had announced that she had set up a small stand in the park and was offering a brand new, mysterious product for sale.
    I wonder what it is, he wondered privately, she already sells so many treats and sweets, but the post said it would be nothing like she ever offered before either… Man, I really, REALLY want to try this out right now!
    Eventually, he reached his destination and there was no way to mistake it.  It was a small shack-looking stall painted bright pink with menus of different treats lining the right and left sides.  There was a small little tarp over opening with several items laid out.  This was definitely the place he wanted to be
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 12 6
Tree Hugging Melissa (MLP Tree Hugger TF) by Firingwall
Mature content
Tree Hugging Melissa (MLP Tree Hugger TF) :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 73 14
Witchy-Toony Delights Season 2: Copyright
    “Ugh,” Noah mumbled, walking through the doors of Witchy-Toony Delights, “I’m so exhausted… I just need some sweet…”
    “Pardon me!” someone spoke, passing him by abruptly.  Noah glanced at the figure, a thin, lanky white toon mouse man, as they walked by each other.  The human shrugged and continued towards the front counter.  A sight like that was not unusual in an ice cream parlor such as this from what he heard.
    “Mister Lawsqueak!” one of the employees, a bright red toon dog girl, called out.  Hurrying by Noah, she charged after the mouse with a briefcase, yelling, “don’t forget your super important law briefcase!!”  Again, not an uncommon sight in this establishment from what friends told.
    Noah reached the counter, a purple squirrel girl was busy manning it, humming softly as she wiped the area down. &
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 15 0
Clown It Up

    “Oh my gawd!  This ball is soooo funny and fun!” giggled a goofy figure.  As the warm sun shined overhead, two silly figures were playing catch with one another in the city park.  They were two popular clown ballerinas by the name of Love and Clover.  They traveled the country in a troupe, entertaining everybody with their ridiculous, humorous, but moving routines.
    Currently, the young clown couple had decided to take a break and have some fun together.  They frolicked through the park, signed autographs for fans, swung on the swings, and now were playing catch with a ball Clover had.  “Thankies!” Clover giggled, “I’ve been saving this rubber ball for quite a while, waiting for a chance for us to play a little.”
    “…weird that you’ve been waiting to play catch with me with a particular ball in mind
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 30 3
A Show for the Viewers: 1000th Deviation Special by Firingwall A Show for the Viewers: 1000th Deviation Special :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 34 20
Butt It Up: Quality Time At Sussie's
    “B-b-bad news E-Eve,” Sussie stuttered nervously, peering his head into the backroom, “S-somehow, everyone calllllllllleeeeppp!!!”
    It was early morning at Sussie’s and the mascot/owner of the particular establishment was preparing to open up for the day.  The only one there besides the femboy was his newest employee, best friend, and secret crush, Eve. She was a former employee of an ice cream parlor run by witches across the street and due to recent troubles over there, had decided to join with Sussie.
    When Sussie opened the door, he saw Eve changing… in more ways than one.  Eve, despite a witch and girl, worked there as a femboy, having grown to love being one ever since her first visit.  As such, Sussie had discovered Eve finishing her/his transformation, standing in his underwear as his breasts receded and his male bugle appeared in his undergarments.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 16 2
Spirit of the Forest Within
    Branches cracked and leaves crunched as Kelli venture out of the deep woods.  A young woman in her early 20’s and barely over 5 feet, she had been seeking adventure in the great outdoors.  Where better than at the state park, housing a vast, ancient forest that stretched for miles upon miles over soft, rough, and hilly terrain?
    Having spent a few days camping in a very old and less traveled area of the forest, Kelli had her fill of nature and roughing it.  She was heading back for her car to get back home, a several hour hike ahead of her.
    As she hiked back, Kelli struggled up one of the many hills on her way back to the main trail. Between heavy backpack she had on and the slope itself, it was a struggle to stay upright.  Eventually, she lost her balance and fell backwards, rolling and cartwheeling in a big clump.
    Kelli ended up crashing into the back of a tree, her backpack taking th
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 21 4
The Thief and the New Maid
    CRACK!  Part of a backdoor’s window was smashed open in the middle of the night.  An arm reached through, clearing away the remaining glass and unlocking the deadbolt and the lock on the handle.  With them undone, the door slowly opened and a man dressed in all black with a ski mask quietly stepped into the building.
    It was midnight in a very quiet, old neighborhood, a small gated community surrounded by forest as far as the eye could see and with nothing but mansions within it.  The thief, a man by the name of Jack, had chosen this particular house to burglarize after learning from a friend of a friend of a friend that the owners would be gone for an entire month.
    With the house also apparently lacking a staff, Jack was confident that there would be no one in the building to stop him.  As such, he took his time walking through the mansion, taking note of everything he saw.  Silver candlesticks
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 51 4
Time for a Pinkie-Up
    “Hey!” an older, mustache man in a business suit firmly stated, “Pardon me young man!”
    “Ooff!” grumbled a lady on rollerblades, “Careful there!  I nearly tripped!”
    “Watch it asshole!” a teenage girl out with her friends, clearly out way too late, hissed.
    “Meh…” Nikko mumbled again as he walked along.  It had been a long day.  A VERY long day on the job for the young man with tanned skin and bushy black hair.  He was held back several extra hours at work due to a coworker not being there that day.  Now, night had long since fallen and it was soon to strike 11 o’clock.
    Between that and his already less than sunny disposition, Nikko was in a crabby mood.  With no more buses running, the tall young
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 51 0
The Birth of the Craving
    I remember almost everything about that day pretty clearly.  Given what happened, who wouldn’t?  That’s especially the case when what happened to me was the first time it had ever happened before to anyone.
    It was back in 1998 and I was on my last year of middle school.  It was warm that day and I was feeling pretty anxious for two reasons.  The first was I was going to be taking a spelling test.  Yeah, you would think you’d be done with that crap once you pass fifth grade, but in eighth grade, I was still doing them.  Still, a test was a test and I was very worried, kind of blowing off studying for it the previous night.
    The other reason was a girl named Hannah Gordon.  She was my first big crush and that day, I was going to tell her how I felt.
    “Finally manning up, eh?” My best friend at the time, Marc Rist, chuckled as I told him my plan outside his
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 12 4
Feel that Freddy Spirit
    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was not even a shell of its former self.  It had been over two decades since the infamous pizzeria was shut down and the building abandoned. The doors were all boarded up and no living soul had stepped inside in many years.  Given the incidents and rumors that surrounded the place, no one wanted to buy the old building or even dare get near it.
    Except for one person.  A young, very thin, and scrawny woman named Andrea had broken in through a vent one night, searching the old restaurant for a certain something to steal.  She had heard the old rumors and stories when she drove into the area not long ago, but she ignored them and went ahead with her plans.
    Just find one of the heads and I’m up a couple grand, she thought, brushing some of her very long, chest-length curly red hair from her face.
    She eventually came upon the room where the animatronic parts we
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 29 7
Costume in a Can Season 3: During the Chaos
    “This place is completely awesome!” Teddy exclaimed to her friend, positively giddy and skipping merrily towards their destination, “What they have… well, I don’t want to spoil…”
    “I’m guessing it has to do with why you look like Ruby Rose from RWBY,” Igantious chuckled, “I already figured that when we, like, met an hour ago.”  Two friends were walking through a neighborhood outside of the large city they resided in.  It was relatively peaceful and warm, the sun partially covered.  Just the right kind of day for a walk.
    “Well there you go spoiling things,” Teddy stated, sticking her tongue out at the guy who towered over her, “but yeah, it is about that.”
    “Yep yep,” the silver-haired friend replied simply.  He glanced around the area they were strolling through and asked curiously,
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 29 2
Mature content
Fire-Scale Brew :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 29 5




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$40 per month: If we reach this level, I'll open up a slot or two every once in a while that'll be for a free story. Anyone can take it and request something, free of charge! Limits on the story size though.
$50 per month: If we reach this level, there will be a new chapter of Mauve Avenger or another series bi-monthly now (every 2 months instead of 3).
$60 per month: If we somehow reach this level, all group stories will have a flat rate of $2 per entry from now on.
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Also, if you are a fan of my work or want to tip me in some fashion, check out my Patreon! There's a few rewards and goals available to check out, including monthly micro-stories!


What It Is: Even shorter than a short story!  This is all about the transformation with little to no buildup or backstory at all.

Contains: A transformation of almost any kind of your choice. FTF, MTF, FTM, furry, evil corruption, age progression, regression, android, monster, clown, etc.  You also can choose whether or not you want dialogue or a simple story in it.  It also may involve a current project that is ongoing, so make sure to check the current journal for info!

Page Length: 3 or so Pages

Requires: Your OC/persona with a description or image reference for me to work with.  Please provide those in a comment when you order.
Long Story
What It Is: Do you like a nice long form story?  A story that has buildup, a bit of backstory, and personality to it?  Do you want that in your transformation based stories?  Heck, do you want a sequel to your story?  Well you can have it!  It may even end up being split into two parts if long enough.

Contains: A transformation of almost any kind of your choice. FTF, MTF, FTM, furry, evil corruption, age progression, regression, android, monster, clown, etc.  You also can choose whether or not you want dialogue or a simple story in it.

Page Length: 6-10 pages

Requires: A premise to work with, your OCs or my OCs if you want to use them (with reference photos or descriptions for your own characters), and what kind of thing do you want to see in it. Heck, did you like any of those comics I made in the past?  You can commission a story version of one, like Cassie's Ice Cream Sale or Ballerina Clown Recruitment Drive. Please provide those in a comment when you order.
Short Story
What It Is: Looking for a quick and to the point short story involving transformation, mental changes, or some other quirk you are into?  This is the one for you!  No fuss, no overly complicated backstory or build up here.  Just straight into the fun!

Contains: A transformation of almost any kind of your choice. FTF, MTF, FTM, furry, evil corruption, age progression, regression, android, monster, clown, etc.  You also can choose whether or not you want dialogue or a simple story in it.

Page Length: 4-6 Pages

Requires: Your OC/persona with a description or image reference for me to work with.  Please provide those in a comment when you order.


Okay, so I've been quiet, but I want to say this.  Over the weekend, my mom said she needed to go to the doctor.  Her recent appointment said there may be another issue with her kidneys and I was terrified.

We got news today and thankfully, there's no issue.  Just a mistake and everything is going to be fine.  I'm just happy things are okay, especially after these last few months.  Love you all guys and gals!  *puppy hug*
Pupper's favorite games of E3 so far are...

1. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
2. Spider-Man
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Come on Nintendo Direct, bring it on home tomorrow!
When it rains, it pours.  Two dang flat tires, one with a nail in it.  Maybe it can be fixed, maybe not.  Maybe I'll getting new tires.  So exhausting.
Lapis Lazuli Bimbo by AkuOreo
I left a comment on this picture noting that I should maybe in the future try writing something based around this picture.  A fun TF if you will.  I left a comment several months ago and someone just said, in all caps lock because so you know it is serious, "DONT.".

Hmmm, what do you think is the most appropriate response to such a comment?
(Also, don't bug the person.  They just silly)

See you this Wednesday or Thursday.  You'll see~
Got to see the preliminary pose and body form work for my big commission.  It's looking good so far. :)
Took the day off to kick back and relax a bit.  Got a lot of work ahead of me so this puppy needs a quick refresher.

I wish you and your family a peaceful Memorial Day.
I'll be opening for regular commissions on Wednesday to close out the month.  Things came up.

Though if you're interested in witch or toon TF stories, I still have plenty of spots left open.
Also, if you want some anthro FtM or MtM TFs with a slice of either beefcake or weight gain, I have three slots opened on FurAffinity for those interested.  Talk to me and perhaps I can hook you up with something you may be interested in.
Alright, I commissioned something big and hopefully, you'll see it before or at the beginning of June. :)


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