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The Origin of the Craving
    The year was 1995 and night had fallen upon the region.  Somewhere out on the countryside loomed a large, cereal making factory that belonged to Post.  It was a big provider of jobs for the area and people seemed to really love it, especially since the employees could bring home plenty of free samples so that they and their families could have food for breakfast.
    There was one other thing to this factory though that really made it special.  It also functioned as a laboratory as well, where certain scientists and higher ups had been trying to perfect and get the most out of their cereals’ taste.  Something that would make their products irresistible and desirable.  Something that anyone of any age would have a hard time resisting, while all remaining perfectly “legal”.
    One day though… something happened.  Something rather unusual and peculiar emerged in their scientific experim
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 10 4
Toon Spittle
    It was a bright and beautiful day in a small community that laid just outside of a large metropolis.  Hanging right outside of a popular family park was a bright pink toon dog by the name of Jessica.  She was a sweets-&-treats seller by day and an inspiring, somewhat okay writer by night.
    With the recent bit of lovely warm weather in the area, Jessica had taken out one of her many food carts and parked it outside of the park.  She normally operated with a partner, but she was going it solo today due to her partner’s feeling sick.  The busty toon dog was a big hit with all the people in area because of her yummy treats and cheery disposition that she always had.  Plus, her completely cute, and somewhat alluring figure helped with her popularity, always wearing cleavage-showing outfits.
    “And there you go,” Jessica sweetly chimed, handing the little girl a pink strawberry ice cream cone
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 20 5
Honey Toasted Party Time: Part 1
    “You are totally going to love this place,” Carmen told her best friend as she pulled her towards the front doors of the night club, “This is, like, the best club in town.”
    It was Friday night and two young women were approaching (well, one was being almost dragged) a new club that had opened about a month or so ago.  Carmen was a lovely, tall Latina woman with richly dark hair and lovely, smooth skin.  She was dragging her best friend, Callie, to the club.  She was a short woman with short-length blonde hair and a fit body, all tucked into a reasonably nice yellow dress.
    “How can it be the best club?” Callie grumbled, “The place hasn’t even been opened for two months!  Seriously, I think you are overselling the new place like this.”
    “No way!” Carmen chuckled, “This place is really amazing.  Just give it a chance an
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 18 2
Mature content
New Fruity Flavors: Lime-Lemon Twist :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 46 0
Mauve-verse #1
    It was a warm, sunny day in a random city in America.  The sky was clear and people were out and about, heading from destination to destination in a hurry.  The only person who didn’t was a young clown woman named Sasha.
    The lovely little lady had rubbery white skin, gaudy but fashionable clown clothing, a big pink nose that she loved to honk, and shimmering blue hair that almost seemed to glow under the sunlight.  She also had magical powers and was quite into the art of the transformation.  In fact, she was just finishing demonstrating both of these on a random person on the street right now.
    “Aww,” Sasha spoke with a soft, but cheerful sigh, looking at her newest happy creation, “You look soooo cute!  Now, be sure to spread lots of happiness and always smile~  No one wants to see any more of that former meanness of yours!”
    The new clown giggled and
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 9 1
Witchy-Toony Delights S2: Old Classic
    “So what did the higher ups say?” Luminaria asked concernedly.
    “Basically this,” Emiko stated, “If we don’t solve this issue with that toon dog, we may have to shut the place down and give her all of our winter profits.”  It was a reasonably warmish day in March at Witchy-Toony Delights and the employees were busy doing their individual jobs.  The only one manning the counter today was Luminaria, their busty purple toon squirrel, who was busying talking with her manager about their recent troubles.
    “Awww!” the squirrel remarked with sad, wet eyes, “We made a lot of money off that yummy hot chocolate!  It’s not our fault that Jessica just happened to have the same product and we were all selling it at the same time as us!”
    “I know,” the human manager sighed, “but that dog does seem intent on proving we stole
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 11 0
Costume in a Can Season 3: Group Fun
    “So where is Teddy?” a young man asked his friend on the right, “Shouldn’t he have been here by now?”
    “Oh you know him Jack,” his friend, Sam, replied, “He’s probably just busy doing whatever. He’s never exactly early when we meet up and stuff.”
    “Yeah but,” another buddy of theirs, Cal, continued, “…you would think he would, ya know, be early for once instead of making us wait after inviting us here.”
    The young men were all situated outside of a local pizza joint, a friend of theirs named Teddy having called them earlier in the day about wanting to meet up to talk and get a slice to eat.  He even offered to pay for all of their slices as well, which they just couldn’t afford to skip out on.  However, nearly half an hour later and there was no sign of him at all.
    “I’m get
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 35 8
Feel that Wolf Burn
    Suzie took a deep, long, tired breath of relief as she looked exhaustedly at the setup before her.  After an hour of struggling and moving furniture around to make space, she had finally finished setting up her bench press workout station.  She got the bench together, the power rack, and even setup her barbell with 20lb weights on each end all by herself.
    “Damn frickin’ deliveryman,” she grumbled as she wiped the sweat from her brow, “Couldn’t even bother to help me setup this crap up or move the boxes into this room at least.”
    After finally getting a steady job that paid well and comfortable living arrangements in a nice apartment, the young blonde decided to get back into the dating scene again.  Put herself out there and meet someone nice that maybe she could fall in love with.  Problem was, she was a bit self-conscious about the weight she had put on in recent months.
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 28 12
Glam Cigar
    “Now let’s see here,” May mumbled, opening up the box, “what do we have in here?”  A young woman around the age of 23 was in her small apartment, going through a box she’d recently acquired from a storage unit she won.  The unit’s owner had skipped town one day and the proprietor of the unit yard decided to sell of the contents as a result.
    The unit, bizarrely enough, only had one cardboard box in it, so May won it easily without much effort.  “Let’s hope there’s some valuables in here,” she cheerfully said as she popped open the lid.  However, one quick look inside and a huge frown crossed her face.
    The entire box was full of perfectly preserved cigars.  Either wrapped in plastic or in small cases, the box held nothing but that and one single silver lighter.  “Well that’s a bust,” she mumbled sadly, playing with a pa
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 74 30
Costume in a Can Season 3: Old Faces, New Dilemmas
    “Is the latest batch done?” Traci asked as she opened the door, “We got a person coming in to pick up his order and… what are you doing?”
    “Quiet!” Eve complained, frantically hitting the buttons on her controller, “I’m trying to fight an immortal with a chainsaw and I need to concentrate on this!”
    “…and you’re allowing this?” Traci grumbled as her eyes turned to her leader.
    “Don’t bring down the mood,” Cassidy replied, watching the screen as Eve fought a boss fight.  It was chilly during the final days of winter, but Traci had no desire to let that slow her operations down.  In only a few months, the neighborhood garage sale would commence and she wanted the whole coven to be ready with tons upon tons of bottles of Costume in a Can.
    The plan was to stock up on several boxes worth be
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 35 7
Butt It Up: ButtyBurger
    “Hello!” the clown mascot cheered from behind the counter, “Welcome to Wacky Rozy’s.  I’m the one, the only, the stupendous Wacky Rozy!  How may I take your order to-DAY?”
    It was lunchtime at Wacky Rozy’s and the popular mascot of the chain was manning the counter and greeting all the customers.  The newest one to step forward was an average build young man with shaggy brown hair.  Wearing square-rimmed glasses and sporting a goatee, he looked at Rozy with a smile and said, “Well, I’m interested in the new thing you got up there.”
    Rozy giggled and replied, “Oh really?  You interested in our new, special ButtyBurgers?”
    “You bet!” the guy replied cheerfully, “I’ve tried a lot of your stuff here before and I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of it.  I assume it’s like your BubbleButtBe
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 25 5
Mature content
The Great Monster Caper Surprise :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 38 3
Mature content
Ill-Fitting Gym Attire :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 22 24
Witchy-Toony Delights Season 2: The New Year
    “And a one and a two and a one, two, three, four!” Cassie declared as she flipped the light switch on.  All the lights in the restaurant burst on and Jezebel unlocked the front door.  As the witch came back in, Cassie flipped over the open sign and declared, “And it’s official girlz, we’re open for business for 2017!”
    The toons all applauded excitedly while the witch employees either rolled their eyes or chuckled at their overenthusiastic behavior.  It had turned January 3rd and all of the employees for the ice cream parlor, Witchy-Toony Delights, had returned to work after a brief vacation.  “We already know that sweetie,” Emiko, the only plain-old human in the room, spoke with a slightly chuckle, “Now let’s just all get to our work stations and prepare…”
    “For the morning rush?” Jezebel snarked, “I hate to tell yo
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 16 10
The Kobi-Tfs Anthology Special (PDF) :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 35 54
Mature content
Family Herd (FtM Anthro Bull TF) :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 50 49



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Patreon Update!

We reached our second goal... possibly. One person may be dropping out. We'll see at the end of the month, but if we keep it, we'll now have a quarterly new series story. It could be a new chapter of Mauve Avenger, a continuation of an older story, the first part of Orange's Beauty Fixer Upper, or such. We'll see in three months.

Current Goals

$20 per month: If we reach this level, for every quarter of the year, there will always be a new chapter of an ongoing series of mine, like Mauve Avenger or Orange's Beauty Fixer Upper. Again, we'll see at the end of the month.
$30 per month: If we reach this level, there will always be 2, completely original stories coming out every month written by me. Again, it can be about almost anything transformation related.
$40 per month: If we reach this level, there will be a new chapter of Mauve Avenger or another series bi-monthly now (every 2 months instead of 3).
$50 per month: If we somehow reach this level, all group stories will have a flat rate of $2 per entry from now on.
$75 per month: For this level, I'll be able to afford to commission story icons, character profile sketches, and similar to help flesh out my characters and add some personality to the stories I write.

Also, if you are a fan of my work or want to tip me in some fashion, check out my Patreon! There's a few rewards and goals available to check out, including monthly micro-stories!


What It Is: Even shorter than a short story!  This is all about the transformation with little to no buildup or backstory at all.

Contains: A transformation of almost any kind of your choice. FTF, MTF, FTM, furry, evil corruption, age progression, regression, android, monster, clown, etc.  You also can choose whether or not you want dialogue or a simple story in it.  It also may involve a current project that is ongoing, so make sure to check the current journal for info!

Page Length: 3 or so Pages

Requires: Your OC/persona with a description or image reference for me to work with.  Please provide those in a comment when you order.


For April, I believe I'll be drip feeding commission slots.  With the Patreon stories and the upcoming Grass Type story needing more attention, I don't think I'll be able to take on a lot of stories at once otherwise.
*Me flipping through Comixology*

Oh hey look!  There's this series called Goblin Slayer that sounds interesting.  based off a popular light novel that I heard good things about... let's give this manga adaptation a shot first!

*Ten minutes later*

OH GOD! Why was there so much guts and rape in this thing?!  Jessica super disturbed and sad now!! D: D:
You know, I should probably update my birthday on my profile. It has been wrong for almost a decade now. My birthday is today and stuff...
Hey guys, a friend of mine over on FA has opened his own Patreon as well.  He specializes in male to male, female to male TFs of the anthro variety, with stuff like big cats, horses, chocobos, certain Pokemon, birds, and more.  Also, he likes muscle and bulge growth and adult themes for those into that.

If you care to help, even small donations, check out his Patreon Page here:
When I open for regular commissions again, I should provide special offers for people who want Costume in a Can stories.  Like see if people want to use characters from:
Fire Force
Cells At Work
Hungry Marie
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


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