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DVD Glammy Time
    Steve gleefully walked into this apartment, holding in his hands a big bag full of delightful, delicious frozen treats.  An ice cream parlor he loved frequenting had decided to unload some ice cream they had in the back that they couldn’t sell or had too much of.  At a price point of twenty bucks for some incredibly scrumptious treats, how could he not buy several containers and tubs?
    Those girls were so nice to me when I bought all of this, he thought happily as he entered his kitchen and set everything down on the countertop, they looked so relieved that I took all of this ice cream… hope I’m not covering anything up…
    With that small, worrying thought firmly planted in the very back of his mind, he set about unloading the diary treats into his freezer.  The process went by very quick, but when he reached into the bag to get the last item, everything came to a halt.  What
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Glam It Up
    “And this goes here,” Vinkuro talked proudly to himself, “…and that’s that!  Finally!  Got everything put away at last!”  The young man in black sweatshirt and straight brown hair had finished putting away the rest of his winter clothing and equipment safely away in his attic.  There was no need for any of it now with summer coming soon.
    “That should be everything stacked up in the hallways,” he mumbled satisfyingly, turning towards the stairs to leave, “Time to get back to…”
    His attention was diverted away from the stairs to a far corner of the attic, one of which he usually ignored.  When he bought the house a while back, there were some old, leftover items from the previous owner who never took them with him or her.  At that moment, his eyes fell on one of the cardboard boxes that the sun was shining on through the dusty window.
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Mature content
4th Quarter Earnings :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 25 10
Mature content
That New Sake Flavor :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 20 2
Butt It Up: Picture Perfect
    “I can’t believe someone tossed out a perfectly good camera!” Felicia cheerfully remarked as she strolled into her apartment, “And it’s one of those fun polaroid cameras too!  This is such a great find!”
    A young woman with ravishing black hair had returned home after a walk through her neighborhood.  It was a beautiful day after a series of dull, grey ones, so she wanted to finally get out of her apartment, even for a tiny bit.  This time, her little walk had found something truly special.
    Out on the side of the road, in front of a large house in a small neighborhood, there were a bunch of boxes labeled “garbage” on the side of them.  One of them was opened, so when Felicia walked by, she glanced inside of it.  There, she saw a small, polaroid camera with several containers worth of film that she could put into it.
    It was an incredible fin
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Honey Toasted Party Time: Part 2
    With that, Callie rushed towards the first door she saw, her mind hazy and disoriented by the insanity going on around her.  She dipped, dived, and dodged around the numerous Cravers, all of whom started to blur together as more and more appeared.  She reached the door and swung it open, charging through it without even looking what laid ahead of her.
    That proved to be a problem, since the moment she got into the room, she realized the mistake she made.  She had run into one of the bathrooms and from a quick, frantic glance around it, there appeared to be no windows at all.  She was trapped!
    “Crap crap crap!” she remarked, looking around the room wildly before looking back at the door she had just entered.  She just couldn’t go back out the way she came.  She had no idea what would become of her if she tried it.
    Callie quickly ducked into one of the stalls that wa
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 15 9
One Quick Treat
    “Please enjoy!” the ice cream saleswoman giggled, handing the feminine-looking boy his popsicle, “You’ll just love my Fire Pop!”  The customer was named Jamie and was very thin, having feminine-looking facial features and dyed pink hair.
    “Thank you!” he said happily, looking over the red, orange, and black striped popsicle, “This looks good!”  Smiling, he gave the popsicle a long, eager lick.  The taste was strangely spicy, but still very cold and fruity.  It was like nothing he had ever experienced before in his life.
    However, the second he finished that first lick, his face pushed forward.  His nose lifted up and up, turning flat and red.  It pushed several inches forward, taking on a roundish, pig shape.  His jaws stretched out as well, growing incredibly wide as his two bottom incisors turned larger and wider.  They stretched out of
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 15 1
Mature content
For Cosplay, Add Pink Kryptonite :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 55 2
Coconut-Fudge Popsicle (Bimbo TFTG) :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 164 60
Mature content
Bimbos in a Box: The Dropped Brand :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 55 2
Becoming the Queen
    “Oh for god’s sake!” Jenny complained loudly, swatting her hand through the air, “Why won’t these bees just leave me alone?!”
    Everyone around the area, from the sidewalk she was on to the ones sitting outside a coffee shop nearby, looked at her.  Jenny immediately stopped waving her hands about and glanced at the people.  Her face went red and her head turned down, staring at the ground before hurrying off in complete silence from the scene.
    Jenny was a young, thin, and blonde woman of the shy variety.  She was usually quite quiet and kept to herself, but was also easily riled under the right circumstances.  Being constantly buzzed and harassed by bees was one of those cases.  No matter where she went and what she did that lovely warm day, bees just seemed to follow and pester her.
    “Dang it,” she mumbled said as she trudged along, “I
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 49 3
The Origin of the Craving
    The year was 1995 and night had fallen upon the region.  Somewhere out on the countryside loomed a large, cereal making factory that belonged to Post.  It was a big provider of jobs for the area and people seemed to really love it, especially since the employees could bring home plenty of free samples so that they and their families could have food for breakfast.
    There was one other thing to this factory though that really made it special.  It also functioned as a laboratory as well, where certain scientists and higher ups had been trying to perfect and get the most out of their cereals’ taste.  Something that would make their products irresistible and desirable.  Something that anyone of any age would have a hard time resisting, while all remaining perfectly “legal”.
    One day though… something happened.  Something rather unusual and peculiar emerged in their scientific experim
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 12 5
Toon Spittle
    It was a bright and beautiful day in a small community that laid just outside of a large metropolis.  Hanging right outside of a popular family park was a bright pink toon dog by the name of Jessica.  She was a sweets-&-treats seller by day and an inspiring, somewhat okay writer by night.
    With the recent bit of lovely warm weather in the area, Jessica had taken out one of her many food carts and parked it outside of the park.  She normally operated with a partner, but she was going it solo today due to her partner’s feeling sick.  The busty toon dog was a big hit with all the people in area because of her yummy treats and cheery disposition that she always had.  Plus, her completely cute, and somewhat alluring figure helped with her popularity, always wearing cleavage-showing outfits.
    “And there you go,” Jessica sweetly chimed, handing the little girl a pink strawberry ice cream cone
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 20 5
Honey Toasted Party Time: Part 1
    “You are totally going to love this place,” Carmen told her best friend as she pulled her towards the front doors of the night club, “This is, like, the best club in town.”
    It was Friday night and two young women were approaching (well, one was being almost dragged) a new club that had opened about a month or so ago.  Carmen was a lovely, tall Latina woman with richly dark hair and lovely, smooth skin.  She was dragging her best friend, Callie, to the club.  She was a short woman with short-length blonde hair and a fit body, all tucked into a reasonably nice yellow dress.
    “How can it be the best club?” Callie grumbled, “The place hasn’t even been opened for two months!  Seriously, I think you are overselling the new place like this.”
    “No way!” Carmen chuckled, “This place is really amazing.  Just give it a chance an
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 18 2
Mature content
New Fruity Flavors: Lime-Lemon Twist :iconfiringwall:Firingwall 53 3
Mauve-verse #1
    It was a warm, sunny day in a random city in America.  The sky was clear and people were out and about, heading from destination to destination in a hurry.  The only person who didn’t was a young clown woman named Sasha.
    The lovely little lady had rubbery white skin, gaudy but fashionable clown clothing, a big pink nose that she loved to honk, and shimmering blue hair that almost seemed to glow under the sunlight.  She also had magical powers and was quite into the art of the transformation.  In fact, she was just finishing demonstrating both of these on a random person on the street right now.
    “Aww,” Sasha spoke with a soft, but cheerful sigh, looking at her newest happy creation, “You look soooo cute!  Now, be sure to spread lots of happiness and always smile~  No one wants to see any more of that former meanness of yours!”
    The new clown giggled and
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In A Show for the Viewers Special, what should Emiko transform into? 

27 deviants said Aqua the Clown Ballerina
25 deviants said Leather-Loving Pompadour Punk Girl
18 deviants said Honeycomb Craver
17 deviants said Cigar Smoking Fat Skunk Toon
14 deviants said Bulky Wolf Bro
Due to there being an equal split and having been so close over the past few days, I'll open three slots, one for each subject matter.

Commission Slots Available: 0
When will They be Finished?: Late April or May
Commission Length Available: Micro Story ONLY
1. 1 Short Story for :iconklonoahedgehog:
2. 1 Costume in a Can story for :icontgvocals:
3. 1 Short Story for :icondevilandangelkiss:
4. Clown Slot
5. Purificiation Slot (Bad Girl to Good Girl, demon to good person, etc.)
6. Witch Slot (Witchy-Toony Delights Witch ice cream)

If you pick Costume in a Can, here's some recommended options:
1. Noodle from Gorillaz
2. Any of the female characters from Gangsta.
3. Any of the female characters from Fire Force
4. Gerudo from Breath of the Wild
5. Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash
6. Any of the female characters from 999


What It Is: Even shorter than a short story!  This is all about the transformation with little to no buildup or backstory at all.

Contains: A transformation of almost any kind of your choice. FTF, MTF, FTM, furry, evil corruption, age progression, regression, android, monster, clown, etc.  You also can choose whether or not you want dialogue or a simple story in it.  It also may involve a current project that is ongoing, so make sure to check the current journal for info!

Page Length: 3 or so Pages

Requires: Your OC/persona with a description or image reference for me to work with.  Please provide those in a comment when you order.


Little Nightmares is almost here! Puppy is super excited after Outlast 2: Electric Boolagoo let her down.
Is it bad that I REALLY wanna write a cigar smoking fat animal toon transformation?  I think it could be soooo fun!
Small update, thank you new Patron for your donation!  Even if its only one dollar a month, it is very much appreciated! :)

Also, given how the results turned out, for our the upcoming A Show for the Viewers special, Rachel is going Glam!  Now don't forget to vote for Alexis and see what she gets to turn into:…
3 New Patrons in rough 24 hours... you people are so nice!!  Huggles to all!~
I'm about to reach my 1000th Deviation... what do you all say for a return to A Show for the Viewers?  A nice rapid-fire series of different transformations?


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